Monday, 20 March 2017

Project Energise

Today we had Bodean  from Project Energise in our school . He taught  us a game we could play as a team . We had to find bean bags, tennis balls or discs that he had hidden under cones . We had to work together and help the other members of our team by giving encouragement , telling them where to find the objects and  running fast to find the next item we needed. The children enjoyed the games. We have timed ourselves and we have promised to work on helping each other so that we will get faster at finding the objects. The fastest team gathered all the objects in 1 minute 30 seconds. We want to beat this time.


  1. Great work room 4. I like that you are all outside and getting active!

  2. Hi Room 4
    I loved the photos of you out with Bodean at Project Energise. I am glad you had fun and enjoyed the games. I bet you are looking forward to him coming back soon.

  3. Awesome work Room 4! Great team work and co-operation!

  4. Hi Room 4
    Wow!! You must be very fast at running. I looks like it was a lot of fun!


  5. Hi room 4. I think this looks really fun. I wish I was still a Junior but I'm a senior. It must be fun running around. How did it feel when you ran around tiring, fun?. well see you soon