Friday, 28 July 2017

Science is Fun!

This week we have started on our topic "Science". We have been using mixing and colours to form our experiments. Our first experiment was "Making Water Walk". We used red, blue and yellow food colouring, paper towels and water in cups to demonstrate how the water is absorbed by the tissues and mixes to make new colours. Our second experiment looked at mixing colours by dropping some dish liquid in a bowl of milk that had food colouring in. We talked about friction and how the dish liquid reacted with food colouring. The kids loved seeing the colours whirl and swirl! After these experiments we wrote scientific report to show - what they need and what to do. Great learning Room 4! Here is a video of the milk and food colouring reacting with the dish liquid.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hip Hop with Horace

Today we had Matua Horace from Sport Northland come into our school to teach Hip Hop to Te Maunga. The goals for today were to learn something new, to have fun and to exercise.Both children and teachers succeeded in their goals.

 6 Students performed for the rest of the classes first.Great dancing after just half hour of learning the new steps.

Then we split into 2 groups groups to share what everyone had learnt.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Library time

Reading for enjoyment is a very important part of school life. Students love listening to stories being read to them. The library time is a time for everyone to choose books that they like to read or to take them home for someone to read to them. The students are learning about the different types of books we read, who is an author, an illustrator and  what is the blurb. Ask your children what these all mean.

Here they all are in the library reading or finding books they like.

Welcome back to Term 3

Today was a busy day in Te Maunga Iti. We had 4 new students start today. They quickly settled into our class and enjoyed their day. We are learning poems about animals we will see at the zoo when we go to the zoo at the end of this term. Here are the new students learning and colouring in their poems.