Tuesday, 5 September 2017

We are going to the zoo!

We are learning about animals we will see at the zoo.
We are learning how to write an animal report.
We need to have a title:   name it
Classification:  Tell what the thing is.
Description:  Tells what the thing has.
                      Tells what it looks like.
Location:Tells where the thing lives
The students watched a video about elephants . We talked about what an elephant looks like , where they come from and what they eat and do.


Image result for elephant
Elephants are fat. 
Elephants are big.
Elephants have big ears.
                        Elephants live in Africa.                         

Elephants have big ears.
Elephants have a trunk.
Elephants live in Africa.
     Elephants eat leaves.         

The elephant has toes.
Elephants squirt water out of their trunks.
They eat leaves.
Elephants live in Africa.

  The elephants have big ears.
The elephant has big feet.
The elephant eats grass.


  1. Hello Room 4
    I loved your elephant writing. I hope you will see an elephant at the zoo today.


  2. Kia ora Te maunga iti! I love your elephant writing. Your elephant facts are amazing. You’re so lucky you went to the zoo! From Georgia.