Saturday, 12 August 2017

How our seeds are growing

We have been watering our seeds every couple of days and sitting them on the window sill to get some  light. We look at the seeds each week and we have noticed in our cups that the seed was splitting and we could see the root starting to grow. Some seeds grew quicker than others. In some of the pictures you can see there is now a root going down and a shoot coming up.We will plant some seeds into  soil  and leave some without soil  and we will see how they grow.

 We also put some seeds into a drink bottle and poked holes all around it and changed the water each day . We watched and saw that the seeds start to sprout really quickly.We have learnt that seeds will sprout when they have light and water.

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  1. Hello Room 4
    What an interesting experiment.Maybe you could plant some seeds out in the garden in the spring and see what happens or you could make a vegetable garden at home to plant some seeds in.You might be able to grow some yummy vegetables.